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Tekashi 69 Attack Video: Gym CCTV Footage Shows Moments Just Before The Attack



Tekashi 69 Attack Video Gym CCTV Footage Shows Moments Just Before The Attack

TMZ has obtained additional CCTV footage from the gym in which it can be seen that a group of individuals attacked Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In the video, there is a scene where an individual is shown allowing another person to enter the gym before the rapper was ambushed and attacked.

The fact that one of the men was seen letting the second man inside the building shortly before the beating is evidence that they may have had the plot to assault the musician.

The individuals who assaulted him boasted about their viciousness on social media after they had done it.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was rushed to the hospital after suffering major injuries to his jaw, face, back, and ribs as a consequence of the incident that occurred on Tuesday night.

It has been reported by people who are close to Tekashi that he is still receiving medical attention at that location.

Tekashi 69 Attack Video In Detail

In the video, a man can be seen talking on his phone while inside a South Florida LA Fitness. After finishing his conversation, he then walks up to a door and opens it for another man to enter.

Tekashi 69 Attack Video In Detail

A balding man can be seen in the latest videotape looking out the front windows of the fitness center while the front desk worker has a conversation with a patron.

The man appears to be looking about as if he is expecting someone or something, as he does so before opening the door and cutting off the contact as soon as he sees the individual approach.

The identity of the first assailant, who is likewise unknown, is covered to the fullest extent possible by a black mask and a beard.

The other individual that he allows into the Palm Beach LA Fitness is dressed head to toe in black, beginning with the enormous chain dangling from his neck and ending with the black t-shirt and shorts he wears.

As they proceed through the lobby, the first gentleman indicates to the employee at the front desk that he wants to use the restroom.

The woman is engaged in conversation on her phone and chooses not to intervene in the situation.

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As the first man and the second man race to use the lavatory, the first man appears to turn his head and smile at the front desk receptionist and the second man.

A third person, who is likewise dressed all in black, can be seen being taken into custody on another video that was shot inside the fitness center.

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While they were getting closer to the restroom, one of the men looked up from his phone and turned to study the suspicious-looking group that was passing by.

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