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Is Brad Mondo Gay? Exploring The Life And Career Of The Renowned Hairstylist



Is Brad Mondo Gay

When it comes to guessing the name of the most successful hairstylist, then none could be better than Brad Mondo. He is undoubtedly one of the most incredible hairstylists in Hollywood who has left his imprint wherever he goes. He has worked for many celebrities and film stars. He rose to fame with his Instagram and YouTube handles.

His increasing popularity is a testament to his talent, hard work and enthusiasm. As his number of fans increases, they are more curious to know about his personal life. In fact, his sexuality has been a matter of concern for many.

Let us now unravel if Brad Mondo is gay and if he continues to be committed to someone. 

Is Brad Mondo Gay? 

When he entered the industry, multiple rumours surfaced addressing him as gay. He was reportedly caught getting intimate with other men at various high-profile parties. Brad Mondo initially did not respond to any of these rumours, but it was in the year of 2019 that he finally accepted himself as gay.

Brad Mondo Gay

Brad Mondo posted a formal video on Instagram and confirmed that he is gay. He also discussed all the hardships he has witnessed in all these years due to his sexual orientation. It has never been easy for him to survive in this world.

Brad Mondo also revealed that it took a lot of courage to accept his sexuality on a public platform. However, much to his surprise, his fans and? followers accepted him wholeheartedly. It was indeed an overwhelming moment for him. 

He remembers how his family resisted him at every step. Brad Mondo was thrown out of his home and even sent to a boarding school after his parents realized that Mondo was gay. However, he never gave up on his struggles and ended up becoming what he wanted to become. It is indeed a dream come true for him.

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In a recent interview, he commented on the struggles every member of the LGBTQ tribe has to face. He also appealed to his fans and followers to be kind and welcoming towards these men and women because they are in dire need of love, care and support. 

Brad Mondo Career

It was in the year of 2013 that he first posted his pictures and videos on his Instagram handle. His videos soon became viral as people were amazed to see how brilliantly he worked.

Ever since then, there was no looking back for him. Mondo is an extremely talented personality. Over the years, Brad Mondo has worked with high-profile people such as Vanessa Hudgens, Daphne, and Shay. He has a knack for adding his creativity to every project he undertakes. 

Soon thereafter, he launched his own YouTube channel. He used to post tutorials and life lessons for his subscribers. Brad Mondo was known for making quirky hairstyles and sharing important hair care tips with his fans.

Brad Mondo’s number of subscribers increased beyond measure. In just a span of 2 years, his number of subscribers increased to 5 million. He ended up becoming the fastest-growing celebrity artist on YouTube. Many celebrities and artists have booked him for their hairstyling. But he did not limit himself to hairstyling. 

Brad Mondo ventured to become a successful model as well. He is an active brand ambassador for multiple brands. His photoshoots have been intense and unique at the same time. He was recognized as the American Influencer of the Year in 2020. He launched his own hair colour brand, XMondo Hair. This product has been able to sufficiently capture the market and compete with other products as well. 

It can be said that Mondo has succeeded in becoming a star hairstylist over the years. Brad Mondo is known for being one of a kind. He is an inspiration to all those who are trying to curate an identity for themselves despite all the odds. 

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