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Nashville School Shooting Video Footage: Surveillance Footage Revealed By Police



Nashville School Shooting Video Footage Surveillance Footage Revealed By Police

The perpetrator of a shooting that took place at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, that resulted in the deaths of six people, including three children, has been identified in surveillance footage that was submitted to the authorities.

The suspect, later identified as 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, was seen on surveillance video driving up in a Honda Fit, parking, and then walking toward the school.

The footage was posted to Twitter by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

On Monday morning, authorities were called to The Covenant School, where Hale was later pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death was determined to be undetermined at the time of the incident.

According to the police, the gunman, who was a former student and was armed with two assault rifles and a handgun, entered the building through a side door. The shooter also carried a handgun.

Nashville School Shooting Video Footage

A video was released late Monday night by the Metro Nashville Police Department showing the moments before the 28-year-old shooter, identified as Hale, unleashed horror by firing bullets through the glass doors of the private Christian academy.

After entering the building, it is revealed that Hale is carrying three firearms with him at all times: two rifles and a handgun.

Nashville School Shooting Video Footage

He is accompanied by around two hundred and fifty students ranging from preschool to sixth grade.

The terrifying footage shows the attacker looking for victims while wearing a red backward hat, military fatigues, and a dark vest.

The assailant can be seen searching for victims in the clip.

The video footage from the surveillance cameras was also made public by the authorities, and it showed Hale driving up to the school and parking his Honda Fit in front of the entrance.

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When the police came, Hale had already shot and killed three pupils who were under 9 years old as well as three members of the staff at the private school.

It is believed that Hale ended her shooting spree by taking her own life after opening fire on police officers who were in their vehicles from a window on the second level of the building.

Both Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo were the cops who were responsible for the initial shooting of Hale.

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Both Englebert and Collazo have been with the department for a total of nine years, while Englebert has been there for only four.

According to Nashville’s Police Chief John Drake, even though the school was the intended target, the students who were killed were chosen at random.

According to the police, Hale had been a previous patient at the facility.

During a press conference that took place on Monday, Drake stated, “We have a manifesto, we have certain things that we’re looking over that pertain to this date, the actual incident.”

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“We have devised a comprehensive strategy for how everything was intended to play out,” the statement begins.

During their investigation of the shooter’s residence, the police said they discovered a second shotgun as well as a shotgun that had been sawed off.

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