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COMMENTARY: The face of “modern slavery” looks a lot like us

Human trafficking, another word for modern slavery, is a growing problem in the U.S., and also affects the LGBT community where hundreds of thousands of youth are banished from their homes for being gay.

COMMENTARY: Chick-fil-A just wants to glorify God, at our expense

Chick-fil-A is not going to change. They will change the wording to get what they want, and they may change the way the money gets funneled to groups like Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defense Fund, but know that the money will find its way to these anti-gay organizations.

COMMENTARY: Who can relate to the Romneys?

Ann and Mitt Romney can't fool Americans and pretend that they understand the struggles of the middle class and the poor.

COMMENTARY: Is it politics or is it prejudice?

You have to ask yourself if you want to keep perpetuating the anger and hate and blame and bigotry and homophobia, or do you want to rise above that and vote for acceptance and tolerance and citizenship.

COMMENTARY: Romney-Ryan asks, "Are you better off?"

The vision of Romney-Ryan intrudes on vacation, but Kit-Bacon Gressitt answers the question about whether she is better off today than four years ago.

COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan swaps unborn babies for vice presidency

So Republican voters beware: If Ryan will dump his long-time commitment to the nation’s unborn pre-voters just to get elected, imagine what other chicanery we could expect from him as vice president.